Best Amazon Seller Services – Vetted For Serious Brands

Finding the best Amazon seller service providers amongst a sea of options is quite difficult. It’s vital you don’t go down the past most taken. Often, the lesser-known services perform the best because they’re focused on performance, not marketing.

Why You Need Top Tier Amazon Service Providers

Best Options – Vetted & Trusted

There are limitless options nowadays for Amazon services. The problem is that most of these options are not great. This article will constantly be updated over time to ensure only the best of the best make the cut.

I look for two main criteria when deciding what the “best” option is:

  1. Have I worked with them personally and know for a fact they deliver amazing service and results?
  2. Do I know and trust the founder/s unquestionably?

If both of these check out, there’s a good chance I will add them to the list.


1. “Niche Blanket” Amazon Sales & Ranking Service

amazon ranking service

Yes, this is our service.

Yes, we’re biased 🙂

Everything you could want to know about this service can be found here. This service took us almost 1 year to fully develop after immense trial and error. In a nutshell, it involves us blanketing your niche with superior-quality content and bringing in diverse sales every single month without having to burn money mercilessly on ads.

Ranking on Amazon in 2022 and beyond is much different than it was in times past. You must stay ahead of the curve.

2. MODA Works Amazon Brand Partners – Best Amazon Agency

amazon agency

MODA Works is the #1 best option when it comes to medium and larger sized brands that need to off-load their Amazon responsibilities. The team here is incredibly capable, trustworthy, and transparent. It’s led by one of the best in the business, Shaheed Khan.

MODA manages some of the top brands on all of Amazon and have refined systems for scale.

Whether you just need your Amazon sponsored advertising managed, or your whole account managed A-Z, MODA is your answer.

This is a premier brand partner. Much more than just an agency.

3. PPC LogicMost Robust Amazon Advertising Solution


Think industry leading AI automation combined with industry experts all under one roof. PPC Logic offers the best of both worlds and is the most efficient Amazon sponsored ads solution on the market today.

This is a complete ‘done for you’ PPC management service.

PPC Logic is the ultimate ‘stress-free’ ad service that will create and manage your Amazon ad campaigns to achieve higher organic rankings, greater sales, and an increased bottom line, all while allowing you to focus on profitably running your business.

4. Intentwise – Robust Self-Service Advertising Console & Brand Reporting

intentwise amazon seller reporting

Intentwise provides highly detailed and custom reporting. More suited for medium-large companies who manage many brands and need a robust reporting solution.

Amazon seller central and vendor central do not provide detailed, easy-to-digest reporting. There are many softwares that can help with this, but Intentwise have been in this arena the longest and have tremendous experience.

In one neat place, you can get detailed reports on your sponsored ads, brand ads, search terms, keywords, ASIN’s, content, share of voice, and organic sales. I’m probably even missing some.

On top of the reporting, they also have an amazing self-service advertising console where you are able to manage all of your sponsored ads from. This would compare to a Perpetua, Pacvue, or Quartile.

Intentwise also has incredible customer service and is priced very fairly for what is offered.

5. Heroes – Sell Your Amazon Brand – Best Aggregator

heroes amazon aggregator

Heroes ranks #16 on the list of largest Amazon aggregators in terms of capital raised. They are a UK based company and are equipped to handle the US Amazon platform, as well as EU platforms.

I highly recommend them if you’re looking to sell your Amazon brand.

Summary: Best Amazon Seller Service Providers In 2022

From external sales to internal systems, sponsored advertising, account management, and account acquisition…This list aims to provide a solution for every step of the journey. As stated, this list will be constantly updated with new and exciting services.

Keep your eyes peeled!

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Pete Coulis

Pete is an eCommerce expert and one of the foremost authorities on Amazon ranking optimization. Pete has coached in one of the highest-level Amazon seller masterminds and is partnered with multiple successful brands. Working closely with many 7, 8, and even 9-figure companies over the past 6 years has given Pete a unique approach and outlook as to what it truly takes to be successful in this hyper-competitive space. Pete’s not a guru. He’s in the trenches everyday actually selling product.