Our Top Resources For Your Amazon Business

Firstly… we don’t promote many software’s because there are very few we believe in 100% and actually use every single day of the year. The list you see below details the specific few software’s that we simply cannot live without when operating in the dangerous eCommerce jungle known as Amazon.

Helium10 Suite of Tools

The Helium10 software suite can essentially run your entire Amazon business. It has nearly 18 total tools within the software suite, which allows you to drop all those separate, and annoying monthly subscriptions and keep everything housed neatly under one roof. We’re partnered with Helium 10, which means we have incredible discounts for our customers and clients. Click here to see how much you can save on this tool today.


This tool offers many useful features. In our opinion, the features that make this tool 100% worth it is the SellerMail tool and the enhanced dashboard. ManageByStats integrates directly with your Amazon account and pulls all the data. The big difference is their dashboard is vastly more use friendly and appeasing to look at compared to seller central. You can easily see your revenue, and adjust it based on day/month. More importantly, you are able to see your profit! Profit is a metric that eludes most sellers. Often times it’s easier to fly blind because Amazon makes it so dang confusing to get an actual number. MBS calculates your ad spend, promotions, and product CoGS, giving you a very accurate estimate of how much profit you are actually taking home each month.

The SellerMail feature is a robust email follow-up tool for your Amazon purchases. Fully customize the emails your customers receive when they buy your product. The goal with these email sequences is garner trust with your customers, provide excellent customer service, head off negative reviews, and of course gain five star reviews. You don’t want to rely on Amazon alone for your follow-up customer emails. Make your customers shopping experience personal and meaningful with ManageByStats. Click here for a 14 day free trial.

PPC Entourage

The days of using the seller central dashboard for managing Amazon PPC campaigns is over. PPC Entourage is an all-inclusive Amazon Sponsored Ads software that allows you to control and view every metric of your ads performance from one, central location. PPC Entourage allows you to see your AcoS (average cost of sale), gives you helpful recommendations, among many other things. This tool integrates directly with your Amazon seller account so all the data is transferred automatically to the tool, making your life easy. It used to take us several hours to sift through spreadsheets and search term reports… Now we can literally optimize campaigns in minutes. This tool will not only save you immense time, headache, and money, but it will also MAKE you more money because you’ll have access to insights that are hidden on the Amazon campaign manager. PPC Entourage is a no brainer for any Amazon seller who wants to remain relatively sane. Click here to check it out for yourself.


This is an essential tool for list building and launching products. ClickFunnels is an extremely user friendly, drag & drop funnel building tool that allows you to build a web page, or series of web pages in a matter of minutes with zero coding skill. This is not an “Amazon specific” software, although we use it heavily for our launch service. This tool will 100% revolutionize your Amazon business if utilized properly the way we teach. Start a 14 day free trial to see for yourself.