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“Best in the biz when it comes to launching and ranking amazon products!  I purchased the Amz LTV course and was amazed at how high level the content was. You can tell Pete is a true expert at his craft. On top of that, we then hired Pete to launch some products for us because we wanted to make sure it was done the best way possible. We are a large multiple 7 to 8 figure brand and have many other responsibilities to focus on. We handed the reigns to Pete for our ranking needs and he’s absolutely crushed it for us. Ranking our products to the top of the search results in a matter of days! Ranking on Amazon in the new age is much harder than it was in years past. You need someone who’s in the trenches everyday adapting to the landscape. If you want to start ranking today, Pete is your guy.”

S.R., Best in the biz!!!

“Pete is great marketer in Amazon FBA business. He has many innovative and practical marketing skills and tools, which are very unique. He also told me things DO or DON’T and prevent me fall into trap. Highly recommend this service !”

Cody Lai, Awesome Amazon FBA marketer
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“I have been struggling in Amazon launch prior to learn from Pete’s approach. I tried my own FB ads, heavy PPC, as well as heavy discount. Nothing came close to the results using Pete’s approach. Plus you are building an audience that you can launch again and again with lower and lower cost. Trust me, it is totally worth it. My first successful launch now produces about $2k per month. I am actually launching another product this week and cannot wait to see the results. Besides the course Pete is teaching, his youtube Handel is full of value pack. Trust me, I have watched so many channels, I am still surprised the subscribers for his channel are way less than it should be. I also need to mention that he answers every questions in our private groups. I am not sure you can get that in other private groups.”

Jun Tang, A system changed my business and cost almost nothing!

Co-Pilot Amazon Product Launch Solution

Our flagship solution that takes a brand new, or existing product and ranks it to the top of the Amazon search results within days.

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Steps required to launch a product on Amazon and sustain success over time:

  • Optimized Listing

  • Optimized Pricing

  • Proper Keyword Focus

  • Smart Inventory Planning

  • Paid Social Ads

  • Mass External Traffic Generation

  • Amazon PPC Advertising

  • Verified Reviews Generation

  • Post Launch Steps To Sustain & Gain Momentum (not fall off)

Each of these 9 critical action steps must be treated with care and executed in properly in order to have guaranteed results.

Over the course of the last few months, we’ve launched dozens of brand new (and existing) products to the top of Amazon using our proprietary methods. The vast majority of the time we’re able to get our clients ranking into the top 5 positions organically.

After working hands-on with so many brands, we’ve specifically designed our Amazon Launch solution to fill every need and pain point imaginable.

Usually, all of these done-for you services come with their own fee. Time to simplify things and have everything done for you under one roof.

We work with 6, 7, & 8 figure eCommerce brands who want to launch and grow exponentially on Amazon. This is not for beginners.

We invite you to schedule a free call with Pete to see if you’d be a fit!

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